Biggest Griefer EU - Jon Ellis-Jones

Who Is The Biggest Griefer EU?

I hear you ask, well, of course, the answer is the infamous Jon Ellis-Jones. Jon learnt the art of griefing while playing a mage in World of Warcraft. While in Mortifera under the leadership of Matar, Jon quickly became the biggest griefer EU! Well renowned on the server Turyalon, Sitri was known for topping the deeps meters while griefing other raiders.

When Jon was asked “Why do you like griefing people?” he replied with the standard. “Get gud scrub.” After World of Warcraft, the grief king moved onto more skilful games. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is his playground now. When he is not griefing poor scrubs with his lack of walls, he is annoying his wife Courtney.

Quick Stats – Biggest Griefer EU:

Occupation: By day I’m a software engineer, by night I’m a pro gamer!

Favourite Map: Italy or Office for sure. #Getgriefed

Favourite Weapon: Negev or Auto – I am the biggest griefer EU after all!

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